Web3D 2007 Symposium

April 15-18, 2007
University of Perugia, Umbria, Italy

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  • April 15-18 - Perugia!


Web3D 2007 Preliminary Program


Dr. Kari Pulli is a lead developer of mobile computing graphics technologies such as OpenGL ES, M3G, and Open VG. He is a Research Fellow at Nokia Research Center in Palo Alto where he heads a research team. During 2004-2006 he was Visiting Scientist with the Computer Graphics Group at MIT. Dr. Pulli gave recent courses on OpenGL ES and M3G at SIGGRAPH 2005 and Eurographics 2006.

Keynote: Mobile Visual I/O

Mobile devices are the new frontier in computation, internet connectivity, imaging, and computer graphics. For many people it provides their first computer of any kind. For example in China there are about 100 million PCs but over 400 million mobile phones. And the sales of camera phones far surpass the number of digital or any other types of consumer cameras.
The visual capabilities of these devices have progressed at amazing pace, and today the high-end smart phones have large color screens, fast CPUs, even dedicated graphics HW acceleration. We will cover the short history of mobile 3D graphics, and introduce recent mobile graphics standards such as OpenGL ES, M3G, and OpenVG; these provide visual output. In recent years photography and graphics have begun to move closer to each other, we will also briefly discuss computational and contextual photography and augmented reality as fertile research topics; these provide visual input.

  Sunday, April 15:
Tutorials & Workshops
Monday, April 16:
Symposium Begins
9 - 10:45 Introduction to X3D Keynote
Morning Break
11 - 12:30 Introduction to X3D Paper Session 1
14 - 15:30 Ajax3D Introduction to X3D Collada Tutorial 3D Visualization
for Cultural Heritage
Afternoon Break
16 - 17:30 FVRML / FX3D Scene Authoring Interface (SAI)
Collada Tutorial

Panel on Scientific Visualization
Evening   Web3D Art Opening

  Tuesday, April 17 Wednesday, April 18
9 - 10:45 Paper Session 2
Web3D Games Paper Session 4
Morning Break
11 - 12:30 Paper Session 3

Web3D Games Paper Session 5 & 6
14 - 15:30 Town Tour
Paper Session 7
Afternoon Break
16 - 17:30 Social Event / Web3D Town Hall
Paper Session 8

Evening Web3D Showcase: Polygonal Idol Symposium Complete

  Thursday, April 19  
9 - 16:30

X3D Earth Working Group Meeting



Tutorials, Workshops, and Panel:

Introduction to X3D Tutorial, Scene Authoring Interface (SAI) Tutorial
Ajax3D Tutorial
FVRML/FX3D Tutorial
COLLADA Tutorial
3D Visualization for Cultural Heritage
Web3D Games Workshop
X3D Earth Working Group

Panel on Scientific Visualization

Descriptions of Tutorials and Panels are here!

Technical Sessions:

Full Abstracts and Author information is available here!

Session 1: Rendering

Mobile, hardware-accelerated urban 3D maps in 3G networks – full paper
Interactive Walkthrough of Large 3D Models of Buildings on Mobile Devices - full paper
Enhancing X3D for advanced MR appliances – full paper

Session 2: Encoding and Transmission

High-quality networked terrain rendering from compressed bitstreams – full paper
On the fly Appearance Quantization on the GPU for 3D Broadcasting – full paper
3D Data Codec and Transmission over the Internet – short paper
Advanced Remote Inspection and Download of 3D Shapes - short paper

Session 3: Applications #1

Using Web3D Technologies for Visualization and Search of Signs in an International Sign Language Dictionary – full paper
Protein CorreLogo: an X3D representation of co-evolving pairs, tertiary structure, ligand binding pockets and protein-protein interactions in protein families – full paper
ISAS: A Human-Centric Digital Media Interface – full paper

Session 4: Modeling and Semantics

A Reusable 3D Visualization Component for the Semantic Web – full paper
Semantic-based rules for 3D scene adaptation - short paper
COLLADA Physics - short paper
TimeClock - Flexible Animation Control in X3D - short paper
Binding External Interactivity to X3D - short paper

Session 5: Multi-User, Distributed VEs

From Coarse-grained Components to DVE Applications: A Service- and Component-Based Framework – full paper
Grid-Based Large-scale Web3D Collaborative Virtual Environment – full paper
An Open Protocol for Wide-area Multi-user X3D – short paper

Session 6: Interaction & Visualization

IRVE-Serve: A Visualization Framework for Spatially-Registered Time Series Data – full paper
3D SPACE: Using Depth and Movement for Selection Tasks – full paper

Session 7: Applications #2

3D Digital Dossiers -- a new way of presenting cultural heritage on the Web - short paper
An experience using X3D for Virtual Cultural Heritage - short paper
The VRML model of Victoria Square in Gorizia (Italy) from laser scanning and photogrammetric 3D surveys - short paper
sTeam3D: Bringing Together Virtual Communities and CSCW - short paper
Building Information Modeling: The Web3D Application for AEC - short paper
Curriculum visualization in 3D - short paper

Session 8: Virtual Humans

Optimized MPEG-4 animation encoder for motion capture data – full paper
Generation and Manipulation of H-Anim CAESER Scan Bodies – short paper
Composing H-Anim Behaviors and Swapping Bodies with Motion Capture Data in X3D – short paper

12th International Conference on 3D Web Technology

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